How to Properly Care for your Little Dumplings Bamboo Plate Set

How to Properly Care for your Little Dumplings Bamboo Plate Set

Little Dumplings bamboo plates are gorgeous, practical and perfect for feeding your little ones.   We love bamboo because it’s the smart, eco-friendly choice and when properly cared for, our quality bamboo plates and spoons can last a lifetime (or passed down to family and friends when your little ones have grown).

However, we recently heard from a customer who sadly found mold growing along the bottom edge of her bamboo plate where the silicone ring sits.  Yikes!!  We are moms first, and we know that is not OK!  While bamboo is naturally anti-odor, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, it’s still a natural material (which we love!) and can succumb to moisture if not properly cared for.

So today, we thought we’d share a brief tutorial on how to properly care for your child’s bamboo and silicone plate set.  By following these simple tips for cleaning, you can keep your little dumpling eating in style. 


Proper Care for Your Little Dumplings Baby Plate Set:

Hand-washed your bamboo plate and spoon immediately after use. To clean, first wipe out any large food particles.  Next wash using warm water, mild soap and a soft sponge or brush.  Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft towel. Allow your plate and spoon to air-dry completely before replacing the bottom silicone suction ring.

To ensure your bamboo plate remains beautiful and functional,
here’s a quick list of what NOT to do:

  • Do NOT put your bamboo plate and spoon in the dishwasher. The hot water will cause the wood to swell, warp and crack.
  • Do NOT dunk or allow the plate and spoon to stand in water. The wood will soak up water and warp.
  • Do NOT use abrasive cleaners or tools.
  • Do NOT replace the silicone suction bottom until the plate is completely dry. 

If your bamboo plate gets stained:

We get it, sometimes it’s impossible to wash your baby’s plate immediately after eating – life happens.  If smeared blackberries or spaghetti sauce sits too long, it’s possible your bamboo plate might get a small stain you would like to remove. 

It’s easy. 

Sprinkle cooking or sea salt on the stain.  Lightly dampen a soft sponge with warm water.  Rub the stain using circular motion until the stain has lifted.  Rinse and allow to thoroughly dry. 

Eat, drink and be messy -- for tomorrow they grow. 

Irene & Lauren