Super Easy, No Excuse Not To, Thanksgiving Treat Even Your Toddler Can’t Mess Up

Super Easy, No Excuse Not To, Thanksgiving Treat Even Your Toddler Can’t Mess Up

Who doesn’t want to be the Pinterest mom who makes and bakes and creates with their kids each and every holiday, rain day, snow day, weekend? I know I do, but in all honesty, every time my best intentions get thwarted by the process: hours to find an inspired activity, trips to the store to buy supplies, having a solid hour to devote to said-creation….  We have errands and pre-school drop-offs and naps and meals, and  time and time again, we either rush it and mess it up or never even get to make the magical creation I had in mind. 

So this Thanksgiving, I present to you an activity, a craft, and a Thanksgiving dessert all in one!  AND, what’s better yet, it can be done in as little as 10-15 minutes (for those toddlers who have trouble staying focused for long!)  Also, you probably already have everything you need, or can toss in your cart when you hit the store for those inevitable last-minute Thanksgiving Day groceries. 

3 Ingredients:
Pretzel sticks
Icing (I use vanilla because my 4-year old despises chocolate, but chocolate would be preferred by most)
Festive sprinkles

Let your toddler dip/smear/roll the top half  of the pretzel sticks in the icing (you can always melt chocolate, too, but this is the easy version!). Next, on a separate plate, roll the icing-covered pretzel in the sprinkles.  Set on another plate to harden. 

Voila! Display the festive dessert on Thanksgiving and sit back and grandparents and other ooh and aww!  Bonus — this treat, when placed in Thanksgiving themed cups/mugs, makes an awesome décor for the dinner table!

Now you can sit back, relax and reflect on how much of a rockstar mom you really are.